Do-it-yourself options

Perhaps you’re confident with what you’re looking for but just don’t have access to a meter or perhaps you’d like to check your home out yourself but would like a little guidance, here you’ll find an option for you.

Guided DIY Home Survey

By investing in a DIY Guided Home Survey you will get a 3 day meter rental and guidance on what to look for and how to document your findings. I will then interpret those findings for you and give you advice accordingly.

Please bear in mind this service won’t be as in depth as an in person home survey nor will it include the 3 month follow up support. 

Meter rental

If you would like to rent a meter to discover the exposures in your own home then I offer a rent a meter service which would you give you the opportunity of using a TriField 2 MeterĀ which measures Magnetic Fields, Electric and Radio Frequency.