Empowering you to create a more healing home environment

Learn to support yours and your family’s health and wellbeing now and for years to come

We live in a connected world

Modern technology has brought us together when distance keeps us apart.

However, could your favourite devices be impacting your health?


  • Do you get frequent headaches when using your mobile phone?

  • Have you stopped sleeping since your new smart meter was installed?

  • Does working on your computer leave you feeling exhausted?

We’re living in a time of constant exposure to the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) emitted from wireless technology, and there is a growing number of peer-reviewed studies showing negative health effects caused by these unnatural fields. 

With more and more of us working and learning from home, it’s imperative that our home environment is conducive to health.

The good news is, with a few small changes we can still enjoy the technological advancements of this age without letting them negatively affect our health.

Let me help show you how!


Whether you're looking to discuss your EMF-related concerns or are interested in having the situation in your home assessed, I have a service for you.

Phone consultations

Not sure where to start and want to talk it through with someone then I can help guide you through the process

Home surveys

Get your home checked out to make sure it's the healthiest environment possible

Pre-purchase inspections

Get your prospective new home checked before signing on the dotted line

meter rental

Rent a meter to uncover your exposures yourself

Hear from my previous clients

Kristy was so friendly and reassuring and I feel so lucky that she was able to come and test my home and help me and my family. I would recommend her to anyone who wants a thorough check done in their home.

Rebecca - Home Survey


Kristy came to do a an EMF survey on my home today. She was extremely professional, and carried out the thorough survey very sensitively. She explained the various meters and what they measured very clearly, and interpreted the readings for me. She left some very informative literature, and also gave me several different options for improving the EMF environment in my home, which would benefit my health. I would highly recommend her.

Lisette - Home Survey


Eminently reasonable in terms of price, Kristy’s survey has indeed been money well spent

Guy - Pre-purchase Inspection

West Wales